No one ever plans on having their vehicle stolen... Yet when it does happen, it can be nerve-wracking and time consuming! A speedy recovery of your vehicle is ideal, as the vehicle may end up in a chop shop, disassembled and sold for parts, or it may otherwise become a total loss. Thieves move quickly and recovery of a stolen vehicle can often times be incredibly costly. GotStolen GPS has a solution.

GotStolen GPS provides a low cost, effective, and easy to use vehicle recovery solution. Get the peace of mind knowing that if your vehicle is stolen, you stand a better chance of getting it back.

GPS - Built-in Global Positioning System to accurately pinpoint vehicle's location.

Nationwide cellular coverage to keep you in contact with the tracker.

Phone Apps - We have a tracking app for iOS and Android.  Know the location of your vehicle at anytime.

Low Monthly Fee - We provide low cost service plans.

Battery Powered or Battery Backup - Trackers have a built-in battery, so even if the power is disconnected, you can still find it.

Warranty - We offer a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.